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Growth: the entrepreneur mindset

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

The article at the end of this blog provides a good overview on the entrepreneur's mindset. For me, #6 is key. Growth along with adaptation is paramount. In my career I think about how things have changed, mostly with information and communication. When I started most of our marketing was in the form of print or in person (i.e. tradeshows). Television advertising of course was there, but that was far outside of our budget. The big problem with these is there was very limited accountability. What ads were working and in what magazines? We didn't really know. Our CEO at the time used to say "Half the money we spend in marketing is wasted. I just don't know which half."

Today that's changed quite a lot. Digital advertising, webinars, online meetings, social media marketing are all important. There are various paid processes but many free ones as well. And today all of this can be tracked. It's easy to see what messages are resonating with your customers and often customer subsets. What messages don't work is equally important to understand. A big part of my growth was embracing the change in technology to reach and track not only my customers, but also for my clients. In many cases we've found these tools to be a good way to validate a potential value proposition for a particular customer base.

The important take away here is to always be of a growth mindset. Not just growing a company but growing as an individual, learning, adapting, and refining to excel to best level possible.

This article contains 20 traits of the entrepreneur mindset. READ HERE


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