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Medical Device Consultants

The US can be a daunting landscape when it comes to launching medical devices. We work with you on the areas where you need assistance. From financial planning to regulatory affairs or reimbursement, we can help fill the gaps to a successful product launch.

Our Services

Our Services

We have a several areas to assist in assuring your entry into the healthcare market is successful.

Customer Discovery

Know your customer and how your value proposition meets their needs.  Going to market with limited value can be costly and time consuming.

Financial Proforma

We can work with you and your team to develop realistic financial proformas for business planning and for seeking outside investment.

Presentation Development

Are you presenting to customers, or developing a pitch for investors?  Rives can help develop, refine, and coach on the delivery of these critical presentations for success.

Regulatory Pathways

The FDA can be complex and confusing to those looking to gain market clearance for the first time.  Rives can help you with developing a strategy and execution plan to get your device on the market as quickly as possible.

Reimbursement Strategy

Reimbursement in the US is extremely important to scale a business.  Researching existing codes and determining what may be accessible early on, or developing a strategy for a new code is needed early in the product life cycle.


Clinical trials and partners including KOLs and developing medical advisory boards are essential to success.  Rives can work with you to help recruit and manage your clinical partners and activities.


“Rives provided fractional CEO / advisory support for my medical device start up as we launched commercially in the US. Rives is very knowledgeable regarding start up financing, fundraising, go-to-market dynamics and challenges. Rives is an excellent listener. That's his secret sauce. The advice and perspective given was always spot on even given how quickly things change in a start up; Rives was always right where I was. Rives is responsive, experienced and very pleasant. Highly recommend.”

Jason B. Wynberg, MD, FACS


Ready to find out more?

It's truly about your business and your success.  We work for you and  you are always in control of the priority, speed and areas that you want Rives Consult to work on for you.  We invite you to contact us, have an introductory Zoom meeting at no cost, and see if we can help you and your business thrive.

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