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Presentation Development

Whether you are presenting to a customer, clinical partner, or investor the presentation is the beginning to develop that relationship.  Depending on the audience the presentation needs to be tailored to that audience.  But one thing is always important:  first impressions matter.

Clinical partners will want to understand the value to their practice and may want some level of technical expertise and results or publications to validate the business.  Investors are going to be more interested in the financials and business metrics and less in the technology.  Most investors will not give you much time for a first presentation.  Getting the primary message out concisely and delivered in a confident manner is required for success.

The look of the slides and the delivery are both important and Rives can help develop the slides and coach on presentation skills as well as help vet who to approach if raising capital or looking for clinical partners.  Rives can also present to the appropriate audience on behalf of the client.

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