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Customer Discovery

Probably the most important aspect for any medical device company is thorough customer discovery.  All too often a device offers a solution to which there is no problem.  Its important to understand what the needs of the client are.  What are their pain points and how can these be solved.

Rives can connect to a variety of potential customers and get to the heart of what is needed in their domain.  Does a device truly solve a problem, or provide enough of an enhancement that it warrants a change?

Also important is to understand workflow.  If a device is an extra step or requires certain personnel to do things they don't normally do, this can be a hurdle that needs to be overcome.  Understanding how the benefit outweighs these challenges is necessary to be successful.

Finally there's understanding the finances of the customer.  Having a device that is better for a patient does not insure success.  There are financial drivers at play that have to be understood.  Does the device increase revenue or attract additional patients?  Can it save key personnel time?  Does it provide better accuracy?  All of these questions need to be answered to be able to make a solid financial case for a customer to purchase the device.

At Rives Consult we can work with you to establish a strategy for customer discovery and if desired we can execute on that plan as well.  Not only will this be vital for product road maps, but also a key ingredient to attracting investors.

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